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  • Julia Brandon and her two teenage daughters, Brenda and Kim, were being driven home by their hybrid car's auto pilot at night through a rainstorm on rural Highway 10. Kim's rehearsal for the school play had gone marvelously and mom and the girls were all in the backseat laughing in celebration. Approaching them at speed from the opposite direction was a fully auto-driven sedan carrying the owner and two vice-presidents from Casey Manufacturing. The three men were discussing a risky investment the owner, Jim Casey, was pushing through against the strenuous objections of the other men. The prospective wood products plant would employ around one hundred people in Smithville, Jim’s hometown, but at best be only borderline profitable.

    As the two vehicles approach, their nav and op systems reach out and synch with each other, learning immediately that a fatal accident between the two cars was inevitable. The AI-controlled Highway 10 Traffic Authority directs the vehicles to prepare for mitigation maneuvers and takes control of both vehicles pursuant to its legal authority. It determines that fatalities could be limited to only one of either of the two vehicles if corrective measures were taken. The TA identified the individuals in the vehicles; appraised their situation; reviewed all their stored data; and then, based on formulas promulgated by the Federal government, orchestrated the accident to produce the desired survivors.


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