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The Stick to the Subject Project
It is proposed to apply the principles of deliberative democracy to a regional knowledge sharing community in which, supported by an online knowledge base, participants' discussions and debates are entirely in person.  Why?

Knowledge Base   Details
  • The knowledge base is an online relational database and website written mostly in MySQL/PHP.

  • It is organized by topics and under the categories of Society, Economy, Culture, and Government. Each topic has a tree menu of sub-topics with seven levels of specificity.

  • The sub-topic modules are hubs for both online and offline activities. Each has a knowledge team with topic experts, such as a tax accountant and a representative of the state tax division serving on the "state tax" topic.

    • Source materials in the form of documents, website links, videos, databases, and offline materials guides are selected by topic knowledge experts.

    • Connections between the topic and government operations are reported at the federal, state, county, municipal, and tribal levels.

    • "The Problem Of" section in each sub-topic supports the discussion groups by providing them with debate subjects,scheduling and location support, and targeted support materials. Conversation Groups report their results through them. Study Teams form in them to prepare for debates. Debates post their results to be voted on by the members.

Discussion Society   Details
  • The Discussion Society refers to all members who participate in live discussion events. The sub-topic modules in the Knowledge Base are portals for recording the results from the study and discussion among the Society.

  • The three types of discussion group are Conversation Groups, Study Teams, and Debates.

    • The Conversation Groups are small groups of people who participate in a discussion often while meeting for another reason, such as friends who meet once a week for coffee.

    • Study Teams are small groups who work together for a specfic purpose, such as to present an arguement at a debate or to select the source material for a topic.

    • The Debate format is patterened after "Question Time", a British televised debate program.