NOTE: This website describes and demonstrates a potential system and is not actually in use. Topsy-turvy changes will occur regularly. Updated 09/17/2020.
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Participation Details
  • Open enrollment will begin (tbd). Membership is restricted to area residents 16 years old or older. Exceptions will be considered case by case. Registration is in person at a discussion event.
  • All members can vote on topics, knowledge base materials, posted arguements, debates, and candidates. They can create on-record conversation groups and report their results. They can submit ideas and create study teams. They can participate in formal debates.
  • Topic knowledge experts are members who select the materials that are taken as the source materials for a topic. An example would be an accountant who specializes in taxes who worked on the "Oregon state taxes" topic.
  • Members of the instructional community will establish the best practices for all phases of the operation, specifically, in the selection and organization of the topics, the collection of source materials, the design of the discussion group format, the evaluation of voting results, the provision of "devils advocate" services for unchallenged positions.
  • Government employees will provide the connections between their areas of operation and relevant topics. They will also be valuable knowledge experts for those topics. In that regard, they can inform the public of what is possible with goverment as well as what is actual.
  • Political parties and candidates will be able to connect their positions to topics, including those of the government.