NOTE: This website describes and demonstrates a potential system and is not actually in use. Topsy-turvy changes will occur regularly. Updated 07/24/2020.
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Election 2020

  • Stick's goals in the political realm are:
    • To compile and report the points of view of a region's citizenry on public policy topics, informing the public, public officials, and candidates for public office.
    • To connect topics in the Knowledge Base with relevant government resources at the federal, state, county, municipal, and tribal levels.
    • To connect topics with the relevant positions of candidates and political parties
  • The discussion and debate schedules of the Discussion Society would work through topics on a regenerative cycle based on the two-year election cycle. In each cycle, the topic list would be expanded or refined, new topic questions posed, and the source materials in the Knowledge Base updated. The links between topics and government related resources would be updated. Finally, once the civic, non-political discourse is completed, links between topics and the positions of political candidates would be added.

  • The ideal outcome would be a systemic, thorough, non-political, focused public debate over topics of common concern selected and prioritized by local citizens. From that grand debate responsive policy makers would take guidance and candidates for political office would consider their positions accordingly.

  • Political parties would be fully covered as topics themselves in the State category, but their platforms would not be connected to topics as would be those of candidates.