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Discussion Society Details
What are the ideas?
  • The Discussion Society is an association of local people meeting in-person to study, discuss, and debate public policy matters. It would use live discussion events, both ad hoc and planned, combined with an online regional knowledge base to collect, compile, organize, and report information and points of view on regional social, cultural, economic, and governmental topics.
  • Discussions would be civic by nature rather than political. That is, the focus would be on a rational, reasonable, and thorough public discussion of a topic of common concern and its related ideas initially without consideration of political solutions. Once the non-political discourse and debate on a topic of concern would conclude, discussion of political solutions would begin, including connecting the positions of candidates and political parties to the topics.
  • All interaction among participants would be in-person. There would be no chat rooms or discussion forums in the knowledge base, nor links to social media.
  • The goal of the discussions would be achieving mutual understanding and not on the changing of minds. All points of view on a topic are reported out and adjudged by ranked voting by project participants.
  • Civility is maintained by focusing attention on the ideas rather than personalities.
  • Conversation Groups
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