NOTE: This website describes and demonstrates a potential system and is not actually in use. Topsy-turvy changes will occur regularly. Updated 2/24/2021.
Stick to the Subject      constructive civic discourse through deliberative democracy
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Stick's Mission
Stick's primary mission is to bring good sense, good humor and respect back to the public square through face-to-face conversation sit-downs among the people of the Rogue Valley. It intends to use deliberative democracy to restore the power of the people over their government by the reduction of the influence of political parties.

Stick's Goals
Create a Discussion Society
organize a discussion society of Rogue Valley residents,
  • survey them for their concerns on public policy matters
Build an online Regional Knowledge Base
The second goal is to create an online, regional knowledge base organized by the societal, cultural, economic, and state (government) topics to be studied, discussed, and debated by the discussion society.
Partner with academics
Partner with career goverment employees
Partner with social institutions