Note: This website and project are under development and not in actual use 8/8/2022.
Stick to the Subject:   civil public discussion of the important public policy issues of the times
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Stick's Mission
Bring the middle back together and grow it outwards through civil, face-to-face discussion of the important issues facing us all.

Stick's Goals
Organize a Discussion Society to bring about constructive civic discourse on public policy concerns through a network of live, face-to face, small group discussions among the people of the Rogue Valley.
Create an online, regional knowledge base organized by the societal, cultural, economic, and state topics to be studied, discussed, and debated by the Discussion Society.
Give Rogue Valley residents the systemic ability to create a public record of their positions on important public policy matters through idea-centric and non-partisan discussion followed by democratic one-person, one-vote, anonymous voting.

Talk about it. Think about it. Vote on it.